Speed ​​Control Technology of Lifting Mechanism of Tower Crane


2019-03-28 10:15

According to the different types and parameters of tower cranes, the hoisting schemes are also diversified. Below, Jiangxi Zhongtian Machinery will share with you an article on the speed regulation technology of the hoisting mechanism of tower cranes:

1. Electronic speed regulation of winding motor rotor strings In this kind of speed regulation, the variable resistance is connected in series in the rotor winding, and the main command signal is issued by the operating handle to control the contactor, so as to switch the resistance to change the speed of the motor, so as to achieve the requirements of smooth start and uniform speed regulation. Some winding motor rotors are electronically adjusted for speed, and electromagnetic shift reducers can also be added. In this way, the number of speed control gears can be doubled.

2. The variable-pole speed-regulated squirrel-cage motor can obtain high and low two-speed working speeds and first-speed slow in-position speed by changing the number of poles, which can basically meet the speed regulation requirements of tower cranes and simplify the mechanism, but the impact when shifting Larger, the speed regulation range is about 1:8, and it cannot run at low speed for a long time.

3. Two-speed wound rotor series resistance speed regulation The motor has two pole pairs, and the speed can be adjusted by two ways of series resistance and pole change.

4. Double motor drive speed regulation This kind of speed regulation application is mostly driven by two winding motors. Two wound motors are connected by gears with a speed ratio of 1:2, one as a drive motor and the other as a brake motor. Double motor speed regulation can also be driven by a winding motor and a cage motor or two multi-speed cage motors, which can obtain different speed regulation characteristics. This kind of lifting mechanism can adjust the speed during the movement of the load, and can achieve airborne descent at the maximum speed, thereby improving the production efficiency. However, the mechanism is relatively complicated, and its transmission components need to be specially designed and manufactured. Mainly used in large and medium tower cranes.

5. Frequency conversion speed regulation This kind of speed regulation adopts the frequency converter to drive the frequency conversion motor, the speed regulation range is large, and the speed can be flexibly adjusted according to the scene. It has a strong protective effect on the motor and has little impact on the mechanism. It is the most advanced drive scheme at present. Jiangxi Zhongtian Machinery can adopt this speed regulation scheme according to customer requirements.


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