Our district will implement prefabricated buildings this year and form an industrial cluster covering the entire industrial chain by 2020


2019-03-28 10:21

On April 25, the reporter learned from the Housing and Urban-Rural Development Department of the Autonomous Region that this year, our district has vigorously developed prefabricated buildings. Governments at all levels have invested in schools, hospitals, pensions and other public welfare construction projects with a total construction area of ​​more than 3,000 square meters. Public buildings and affordable housing projects with a total construction area of ​​more than 10,000 square meters, such as airports, stations, and government office buildings, are preferentially constructed by prefabricated construction. For residential quarters with a total construction area of ​​more than 50,000 square meters, and new commercial and office construction projects with a total construction area or a single unit exceeding 10,000 square meters, the prefabricated construction method should be implemented according to local conditions.

Prefabricated buildings have the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection, and their earthquake resistance is also higher than that of cast-in-place concrete buildings of the same type.

Our district has listed Ningdong Energy and Chemical Base and Yinchuan City as the key promotion areas for prefabricated buildings. In 2017, prefabricated buildings accounted for more than 5% of the local new buildings in the same period, and in 2025, it will reach more than 30%. Our district will support prefabricated construction projects in terms of finance, land, taxes and fees. It is planned that by 2020, the whole region will basically form a policy and technical support system suitable for the development of prefabricated buildings, build more than 5 autonomous region-level construction industrialization production bases, create 2 national construction industrialization bases, and form a group of advantageous enterprises as the core. , a prefabricated construction industry cluster covering the entire industry chain.


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