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2019-03-28 10:29

Although China has long become the world's largest tower crane production and sales country, and also the world's largest tower crane owner, there is still a certain gap in our tower crane products compared with the world's advanced brands. Due to the limitation of research and development methods and manufacturing capabilities, domestic tower crane manufacturers still lag behind foreign countries in terms of large-scale tower cranes; at present, there is no special software suitable for tower cranes in China, and the calculation results have not yet reached the expected goal. In foreign countries, computer calculation and CAD drawing are fully realized, and special software is developed by itself, and the design results are accurate; affected by various factors such as funds, there is no domestic test base to ensure the safety and life of new tower crane products; innovation ability In terms of domestic enterprises, most of the factors such as R & D capabilities, manufacturing capabilities, and market reactions are mostly passive research and development, and the prediction capabilities are not high. The products of some enterprises mainly depends on the introduction, surveying, and imitation. Chinese tower crane enterprises are aware of their own shortcomings, and the tower crane industry is making continuous progress in development. In 2008, the Henan Provincial Department of Science and Technology approved Xinxiang Kerry Heavy Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.

Engineering Technology Research Center for the establishment of the "Henan Provincial Tower Cranes and Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center". Recently, Shandong Fenghui Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. was approved to establish the "Shandong Tower Crane Engineering Technology Research Center". "Shandong Tower Crane Engineering Technology Research Center" was established on the basis of Shandong Fenghui Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. It is a R&D and design platform for the systematization, matching and engineering of large tower cranes. It is a scientific research, production, design and engineering service. integrated entity. The "Tower Crane Research Center" mainly carries out the research and development of large-scale high-end tower crane products and related new technology research, and uses advanced standards, advanced design methods, application of ultra-high-strength materials, advanced manufacturing technology and technology and other basic and common technical issues As an entry point, market-oriented, constantly promote the development of large-scale high-end lifting equipment products, and improve the technical content and added value of products. The successive establishment of "Tower Crane Research Center" shows the determination and action of domestic tower crane enterprises for technological innovation. Expect to see more and more "tower crane research centers" in the near future. It is believed that the domestic tower cranes can use the advantages of research and development, advanced manufacturing technology, and international market influence in the field of high -end tower cranes, which can enhance the influence of national industrial brands in the international market.


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