How to meet the needs of high -end construction markets such as construction machinery to meet the needs of high -end construction markets such as nuclear power


2019-03-28 10:31

1. Problems in the construction machinery leasing industry

2. The rent recovery is very bad. The enterprises that can recover more than 80% of the annual rent are less than 20%, and half of the enterprises can only recover 50% of the annual rent:

3. The rental fee price and The serious drop in the price of installation and demolition fees is caused by the vicious competition among the general contractors of the project, and the main reason is that there are too many leasing companies, resulting in vicious price competition. The construction period requirements of the project are getting tighter and the general contractor's on-site management ability is declining, forming a pattern of frequent safety accidents:

4. The government has limited management level of the industry, resulting in more safety accidents, and more stringent administrative supervision measures are introduced, resulting in more Serious local protection and rights rent-seeking (corruption), so that the less standardized management leads to a vicious circle of more accidents;

5. Due to the massive expansion of tower crane manufacturing (similar to all manufacturing in China), the quality of the industry is serious The decline is due to the widespread use of financial leasing or bank mortgages to expand sales, resulting in an oversupply in the leasing industry, resulting in a vicious circle of declining product quality, falling sales prices, and falling leasing services and prices; 6. The cost of leasing companies is generally large. The increase in the rate, especially the increase in labor wages, is not only caused by the social environment, but also related to the large expansion of equipment in the leasing industry and the lack of human resources such as skilled workers.

Second, the inflection point of the market has come From 2010 to 2012, with the adjustment of the national macroeconomic structure and the profound changes in the international capital market, in the period of sharpening contradictions in the above-mentioned tower crane leasing industry, the inflection point of the healthy development of the industry has come.

1. The return of funds for leasing expenses has deteriorated to a certain extent, which will lead to financial leasing, mortgage repayment and other external pressures of leasing companies with poor management of return of funds. At present, such rules have begun to form in Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places where the tower crane leasing industry market has developed relatively early; in the first half of 2011, with the implementation of the national real estate control policy. In 2010, the vicious consequences of the crazy demand for tower crane purchase and leasing in the housing market under 80TM will be highlighted, which will promote the industry to standardize the return of funds;

2. The decline in rental prices is inevitable, but the product quality caused by the reduction in prices And the serious decline in service quality will have a serious impact on the reputation of the general contractor and the progress of the project, which will inevitably lead the general contractor to shift from focusing on price to technology and a reasonable ratio of service quality and price. From the perspective of customers, tower crane leasing has generally become a subcontracting or procurement project under the personal control of the general contractor. It has begun to diversify when the price is too low. The project will not increase the rental price due to the use of newly purchased tower cranes. The management ability and service quality are excellent and the rental price is increased. Correspondingly, the determinants of whether or not to win the bid for the tower crane leasing of each project have obviously tilted towards the technical ability and service quality;

3. The lack of talents in the tower crane leasing industry reflects the market's interest in service quality. The increasing requirements of the industry have led to an increase in the industry's demand for talents; the high-end market demand is higher and more obvious! However, any enterprise can only attract excellent talents to join by establishing a healthy corporate culture, and excellent talents can promote the healthy development of corporate culture , it is difficult to imagine that a company that does not pursue quality, integrity, morality, and reputation can have a healthy and upward corporate culture, thereby attracting excellent talents to join. Therefore, talents are concentrated in brand enterprises. For brand enterprises, there is a lack of talents.

4. The government's management of the industry will follow the market economy.


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