What are the common problems encountered in tower crane leasing?


2019-09-11 10:07

Guilin Changlong Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional company engaged in the research and development, manufacturing, sales and leasing of construction machinery and equipment. At present, five series of more than ten types of construction machinery products including ordinary tower cranes and construction hoists have been developed. Due to the incomplete construction machinery leasing market and incomplete laws and regulations, the disputes between the two parties are increasing day by day. The main problems in crane leasing are as follows: 1. Before leasing, both parties did not have enough depth of research, resulting in decision-making mistakes. If it is considered that renting equipment is more cost-effective in advance, but in actual construction due to some reasons, the rental time is prolonged or the workload increases, resulting in a large increase in rental costs. Due to the lack of understanding of the performance of construction machinery, the rental equipment becomes a large horse-drawn trolley and the cost is increased. Zhanjiang Tower Crane Rental

2. At present, there is no standardized format contract text for equipment leasing, resulting in imprecise leasing contracts and disputes in performance. When the two parties signed the contract, due to the lack of awareness of the risks of using large-scale machinery, the contract lacked accuracy and rigor, and there was no strict definition of the return status and integrity of the equipment.

3. The equipment operators came randomly, but it was not clearly stated in the contract who was responsible for the daily maintenance of the machinery, which resulted in poor management of the equipment on site and disconnected equipment rental, management and use. After the leased equipment enters the construction site, the lessee mismanages the use of the equipment, the construction plan is not perfect, and the on-site management method for the leased equipment is not formulated, resulting in the equipment being idle and reducing the use efficiency


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