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2019-10-18 09:50

Guilin Changlong Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional company engaged in the research and development, manufacturing, sales and leasing of construction machinery and equipment. At present, five series of more than ten types of construction machinery products including ordinary tower cranes and construction hoists have been developed.

Tower cranes are the most commonly used lifting equipment on construction sites, also known as "tower cranes", so how to build tower cranes? The method is very simple, if you need it, let's take a look below. The lifting of the tower crane is realized by a set of jacking device, which mainly includes: jacking frame, jacking beam and hanging shoes, hydraulic system, introduction trolley and introduction beam and other components. How to build the tower crane The sleeve frame is an important part of the tower crane jacking. The upper four corners of the sleeve frame are connected with the lower slewing support of the tower crane by pins, and the sleeve frame is also provided with lugs to connect with the jacking oil cylinder. The middle part of the sleeve frame is provided with a supporting claw, which is used to support the sleeve frame when it is jacked up. Huizhou elevator renta


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