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2019-12-05 11:04

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For the problem of pre-embedded parts, it is recommended to use pre-embedded bases or fixed outriggers. For the use of pre-embedded high-strength bolts, the materials should be provided by the original factory, the manufacturer should provide a test report, and the construction unit should report it to the supervision unit. Buried, and make relevant concealed acceptance records. A tower crane collapse accident occurred in Xiamen at the beginning of this year, because the high-strength bolts pre-buried by the rental unit did not meet the requirements, and the metric system and inch system of nuts and bolts were confused. The foundation of the crane should not be covered with soil layer, which increases the bearing capacity of the foundation, and it is not conducive to observing the welding seam condition of the base. Last year, there was a tower crane with the foundation covered with soil in Xiamen. When there is abnormal noise, check all the standard bolts immediately, no problems are found, and then the soil is removed.

It is found that the welding seam of the base steel structure has cracks. After timely treatment, no major consequences were caused. For the connection of metal structures, the "Supervision and Inspection Regulations for Hoisting Machinery" clearly requires that the bolt connection should not be loose, and there should be no defects such as missing parts and damage. The high-strength bolts should have sufficient pre-tightening torque. Check the condition of high-strength bolted connections. The pre-tightening moment is very important in the high-strength bolted connection of the tower. Due to the torque generated during the rotation of the tower body, if the pre-tightening moment of the high-strength bolt pair of the tower fails to meet the design requirements, the bolts will be subjected to shearing force, causing the bolts to be sheared, tensioned and stressed at the same time, making the bolts more stressed. complex and dangerous. Guilin tower crane price



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