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2019-12-05 11:05

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The tower crane foundation treatment form, the following inspection points should pay special attention to the foundation subsidence form during the inspection. The foundation subsidence form refers to the form in which the bottom surface of the tower crane foundation is lower than ±0.00 elevation and is placed at the bottom elevation of the basement pit.

For this form of tower crane foundation treatment, attention should be paid to the drainage of the tower crane foundation part to avoid water accumulation. In Xiamen last year, a tower crane collapsed accident occurred due to the accumulation of water in the foundation section of the tower crane, which affected the inspection of drivers and inspectors, and failed to discover the cracks in the base of the foundation section in time. The foundation is placed on the slope. This kind of foundation must be treated with piling. In addition to the above requirements, the lateral pressure generated by the slope should also be fully considered. When testing, the construction unit should be required to take anti-lateral pressure when excavating the slope.

Pressure measures, such as soil nail protection or bolt treatment, during our inspection and return visits, there have been many cases where the construction unit did not consider the side pressure of the slope, and when the earthwork was excavated, the tower crane foundation was seriously displaced. In this case, it has brought considerable economic losses to the construction unit.


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