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2019-12-05 11:06

Guilin Changlong Machinery Co., Ltd. welcomes inquiries. The friendship between you and me starts from the first call you give me! We are willing to work together with our customers and friends to develop together and create brilliance together. Longlong Machinery warmly welcomes you!

The reasons for the accident caused by the quality problem of the tower crane product itself: 1 Design problem. There are defects in the design of the torque limiter, and the sensitivity is poor; the design of the steel structure is unreasonable, and the design of the hydraulic system is defective. 2 Spare parts problem. The quality of the torque limiter components, the material of the steel used in the steel structure; the quality of the hydraulic system components, etc. Guilin Tower Crane Manufacturer. 3 Manufacturing Problems 3.1 Welding of steel structures does not meet the requirements. The height of the welding seam is not enough, and there are defects such as pores, slag inclusions and even virtual welding, especially the important connection parts on the tower cap, boom, balance arm and other components have welding quality problems. 

3.2 The geometric dimensions of the steel structure do not meet the requirements. The blanking is not as required, and the section size of the steel does not meet the national standards. Guilin tower crane 4 is a fake and shoddy product without the factory certificate and instruction manual. There is no batch description, and no changes to the original design are marked.



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