Determination of tower crane installation method


2021-04-28 09:46

The tower crane is a device used on the ground, and its own weight (1Ot ~ 200t) is much larger than that of general construction machinery. Therefore, the installation method of the tower crane foundation is also one of the main issues to be considered when selecting. There are three basic installation methods for self-elevating tower cranes that are commonly used at present: the installation of fixed feet in large concrete blocks, the installation of large chassis with weight and the installation method of walking. Different installation methods have different requirements on the ground pressure of the foundation soil (15-20t/㎡, and different types of tower cranes have different pressures on the ground. In addition, the foundation depth and slope type of the project also affect the installation method of the tower crane foundation, which in turn affects the The selection of tower cranes. This requires the user to have certain practical experience and carefully read the chapters about the basic part of the product manual of the tower crane to be selected before it can be determined.


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