How to ensure the stability of the tower crane


2021-05-14 09:53

     Tower cranes are equipment that is often used on construction sites. They are very tall and imposing, and stand erect on construction sites. Faced with such a tall mechanical equipment, we all have a question, what is supporting the tower crane so that it can stand firmly in place. In fact, such a stable tower crane requires a stable tower crane foundation, which is very critical. A factor related to the stability of the tower crane is a large concrete table. Before the tower crane arrives, the construction team will spend several weeks pouring this table, which is the tower crane foundation. This concrete table usually has corresponding dimensions. Taking a tower crane with a lifting weight of 10 tons as an example, the concrete table that needs to be poured is about 10x10x1.3 meters and weighs 182,000 kilograms. Inside the concrete platform are large anchor bolts deeply embedded in the concrete slab, which can support the bottom of the tower crane. Therefore, the tower cranes are actually connected to the ground by bolts to ensure their stability. Guangxi Tower Crane
  The tower crane foundation ensures the stability of the tower crane, so special attention should be paid to the construction of the tower crane foundation and must not cut corners.


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