ower crane distribution box use requirements


2021-06-03 09:30

       Tower cranes are large-scale equipment used in the construction field, and safe use is the principle of construction. Therefore, the use of any part of it must meet the requirements. How much do you know about the requirements of the tower crane distribution box? Next, the editor of Hunan Tower Crane Rental will tell you about the use requirements of the tower crane distribution box!

1. The distribution box should be installed within 5 meters from the tower crane and 1.5 meters high, which is convenient for operation.

2. The distribution box of the tower crane should be dedicated to a special box, and one machine and one gate should be clearly marked;

3. The distribution box should be equipped with a four-wire air circuit breaker with a leakage protection device, and the working zero line should enter the four-wire air circuit breaker. circuit breaker, and a fuse safety device should be installed.

4. The distribution box used by the tower crane should be rain-proof and dust-proof, with doors and locks, the wires are all in and out from the bottom of the box, and the box body should be reliably connected to zero grounding. 5. When the electrical appliance is short-circuited and over-cut, the air-break release device should act immediately, and the safety fuse should be blown quickly. 6. The leakage maintenance current should be 50-80MA with leakage action, and the test is sensitive and reliable.


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