Tips for using tower cranes


2021-06-03 09:31

     ower crane is a kind of lifting equipment commonly used on construction sites, which is used to lift construction materials such as steel bars, corrugated wood, concrete, steel pipes and other construction materials. Today, the editor of Guangdong Tower Crane Rental will tell you about the use of tower cranes!

1. After the tower crane is installed, the technical inspection and adjustment of the whole machine should be carried out. After passing the inspection in stages and the whole machine, it can be delivered for use. No load Under the circumstance, the vertical deviation of the tower body and the ground shall not exceed 4/1000. The electric motor and hydraulic device of the tower crane shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant regulations on the electric motor and hydraulic device.

2. The metal structure, track and metal casing of all electrical equipment of the tower crane should have reliable grounding devices, the grounding resistance should not be greater than 4Ω, and lightning protection devices should be set up.

3. The arrangement of the struts, the mutual spacing and the distance between the attached walls of each attachment device should be in accordance with the original factory regulations, and the self-made struts should have a design calculation book.

4. The tower crane should not work near the overhead transmission line. If it is limited to on-site conditions and must operate beside the line, safety maintenance measures must be taken. The safety distance between the tower crane and the overhead transmission wire should meet the regulations.

5. When the tower crane is operating in Guilin, there should be enough work space, and there should be no obstacles within the lifting and falling and turning radius of the tower crane boom. 6. Before the operation, it is necessary to have a comprehensive understanding of the surrounding environment of the work site, driving roads, overhead wires, buildings, and the weight and distribution of components.


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