What is the lifting weight of the tower crane?


2021-06-03 09:33

      The technical performance of the tower crane is expressed by various parameters. Wheelbase, etc. Next, the editor of Guangxi Tower Crane Rental will tell you about the lifting capacity of the tower crane! The lifting capacity is the weight that the hook can lift, including the weight of the sling, spreader and container. The lifting capacity will change due to the change of the amplitude, so different cranes have their own corresponding table of lifting capacity and lifting amplitude, that is, the working curve table. The lifting capacity mainly includes two parameters: large lifting capacity and large lifting capacity. The maximum lifting capacity is determined by the design structure of the crane, mainly including its wire rope, hook, boom, lifting mechanism, etc. Its hanging point must be in a position with a smaller amplitude. The large lifting capacity is not only related to the design structure of the crane, but also related to its tipping moment, which is a very important parameter. The lifting capacity of the tower crane varies with the number of pulleys of the hook. It can be transformed according to your needs. In order to prevent the tower crane from lifting beyond its maximum lifting capacity, all tower cranes are equipped with a weight limiter, and there are multiple limit switches installed in the weight limiter. When hoisting, the speed is inversely proportional to the hoisting weight, so the weight limit can also be carried out. The hoisting weight is light at high speed, medium at medium speed, and heavy at low speed.


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