Misunderstanding of tower crane rental method


2021-06-09 09:50

     In many machinery and equipment industries, leasing is very common, but for the tower crane leasing industry, there are still many misunderstandings in the market. Next, I will tell you about the misunderstandings of tower crane leasing: 1. The tower crane operator comes randomly, but it is not clear in the contract who is responsible for the daily maintenance of the machinery, resulting in poor handling of the equipment on site, which makes the equipment leased. , management and use are out of touch. After the leased equipment enters the construction site, the lessee does not manage the use of the equipment well, the construction plan is not perfect and the on-site handling method for the leased equipment is not formulated, which causes the equipment to be put on hold and the utilization efficiency is reduced. Guilin Tower Crane Rental

 2. At present, there is no standardized contract text for equipment leasing, resulting in that the tower crane leasing contract is not close, and entanglements occur in the performance. Returns and completeness are not strictly defined.

3. The depth of research on both sides before leasing was not enough, and then there was a decision and planning error. For example, it was thought that leasing a tower crane was more cost-effective, but in actual construction, due to some reasons, the leasing time was extended or the workload increased, resulting in a large increase in leasing costs; The performance is not understood, and then the rental equipment is formed into a large horse-drawn trolley and the cost is added.


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