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2022-01-13 09:15

Management regulations for the safe use of tower cranes

Management regulations for the safe use of tower cranes

1. Tower crane crane drivers, crane signal workers, and cable operators must hold special operation certificates.

2. Before the tower crane is used, safety technical disclosures should be made to operators such as crane drivers, crane signal workers, and cable workers.

3. Tower crane moment limiter, weight limiter, amplitude limiter, travel limiter, height limiter and other safety protection devices shall not be adjusted and removed at will.

4. Before each shift, daily inspection and trial lifting should be carried out according to regulations; during use, the installation unit or rental unit should regularly maintain the tower crane according to the requirements of the instruction manual.

5. When two or more tower cranes cross work on the construction site, a special anti-collision plan should be formulated.

6. In the event of a sudden failure during operation, measures should be taken to land the hanging object to a safe place, and it is strictly forbidden to hang the hanging object in the air for a long time.

7. Tower cranes shall not lift objects whose weight exceeds the rated load, and shall not lift heavy objects of unknown weight.

8. When lifting objects, they should be tied firmly, and other objects should not be stacked or hung on the hanging objects; when the scattered materials are lifted, they must be tied firmly with hanging cages or wire ropes. When the hanging object is standing on the person, it shall not be lifted.

9. The specifications of the wire rope should meet the requirements of the rated weight. The maintenance, inspection and scrapping of wire ropes shall comply with the provisions of the current national standard "Practical Specifications for Inspection and Scrapping of Wire Ropes for Cranes" (GB/T5972).

10. In case of severe weather such as heavy rain, heavy snow, heavy fog, sandstorm and strong wind above level 6, the operation should be stopped. After the rain and snow have passed, it should be tested first to confirm that the brakes are sensitive and reliable before starting the operation. There should be sufficient lighting for construction at night.

11. It should be ensured that the boom of the tower crane can rotate with the wind when it is not working.

12. The walking tower crane must be equipped with an effective reel.


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