Guilin construction elevator manufacturers introduce the inspection and scrapping of wire ropes


2022-05-11 11:03

During the hoisting process of the crane, the wire rope continuously passes through the pulley and the rope groove of the drum, which is not only stretched and squeezed, but also subjected to friction and torsion. When the wire rope passes through a series of pulleys, it is continuously bent and squeezed. Repeated action, fatigue caused wire breakage, it will gradually occur and develop. In addition, due to various factors such as wear and corrosion, the development of broken wires is aggravated, and eventually the wire rope is completely invalid. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the wire rope to eliminate the hidden danger of the wire rope and ensure the safe operation of the crane.

  According to the maintenance specification of the crane, the wire rope should be visually inspected once a week. A detailed inspection is carried out once a month. When the wire rope is found to be worn or broken, the judgment should be made to continue to use or scrap it according to the seriousness of the situation. According to the development situation, for individual broken wire burrs, they should be removed with clamps as much as possible, so as to avoid harmful effects caused by broken wire stubble sticking out of the strand. Guilin construction elevator When the broken wire phenomenon develops to within a pitch of the wire rope, and the total number of broken wires exceeds a certain limit, it should be scrapped.


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