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2022-05-11 11:06

Storage and maintenance of steel wire rope 1. The steel wire rope should be stored in a dry and closed warehouse with asphalt concrete floor. When stacking, the coiled wire ropes should be stored upright. If it must be temporarily stored in the open air, the ground should be padded with wooden slats, which should be properly covered with waterproof material. 2. When the wire rope needs to be stored for a long time, try to keep the wire rope in a good lubricated state. When the storage period exceeds half a year, it should be re-lubricated once. 3. Before lubricating the wire rope, the dirt and rust accumulated on the surface of the wire rope should be removed, and the surface of the wire rope should be brushed with a galvanized iron wire brush. The cleaner the surface of the wire rope is, the easier the grease penetrates into the interior of the wire rope, and the better the lubrication effect. Guilin tower crane spare parts

4. The method of wire rope lubrication is brushing. The brushing method is to manually use a special brush to apply the heated (about 60°C) hand grease on the surface of the wire rope. Pay attention to slow and forceful operation, so that as much grease as possible can penetrate into the inside of the wire rope. The dip coating method is to put the grease into an iron container and heat it to 60°C, and then pass the wire rope through a set of guide rollers to slowly pass through the melted grease in the container, so that the grease penetrates into the wire rope. inner layer. 5. Good wire rope grease should not contain acid, alkali and other harmful substances. Black calcium-based graphite grease can be used, and its grade is ZG-S.


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