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2022-05-23 09:35

For tower crane equipment, different models can meet different needs during construction. So, how to choose the tower crane model? After determining the model, how to arrange it? In terms of model selection, it is necessary to meet the construction needs, that is, the hoisting times and lifting weight of the tower crane meet the requirements. Understand the existing machinery and equipment of each operation team to ensure that the comprehensive cost is low. The lifting capacity of the farthest end of the tower arm must meet the requirements of the lifting load; the foundation area is large, and the impact of the tower crane foundation on the construction site and the structure of the proposed building should be minimized. Multiple construction teams work at the same time to minimize the interaction between tower cranes and tower cranes. Easy to install and remove tower crane. Guarantee construction progress. While considering the convenience of installation and dismantling, the turning radius of the tower crane should cover the entire construction operation area as much as possible, minimize the operation blind area of ​​the tower crane and cover as many material stacking sites as possible. The tower boom heights of adjacent tower cranes must have a safe swing height difference, and special attention should be paid to the ropes of the two towers when swinging. For tower crane equipment, if you want to avoid more unnecessary troubles during the construction process, you can consult the tower crane rental company, or recruit familiar operators.


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