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2022-05-23 09:40

For tower crane equipment, skilled operation is essential when using it. Similarly, in order to reduce more potential safety hazards, the construction party also needs to pay attention to the control of some other links. 1. Comply with the rules and regulations The laws and regulations related to safe operation must be strictly followed by every operator. The safety production rules and regulations are the summary of the long-term practical experience of the majority of employees. Conscientiously and consciously abide by and maintain the seriousness of the implementation system, and resolutely resist unsafe behaviors that violate the system. 2. Establish responsibility Safe operation is the work center of all enterprises, the premise and guarantee condition for promoting the production and operation activities of enterprises, and the eternal goal pursued by all employees. The hoisting operators of tower crane rental must have a high sense of work responsibility, and firmly establish the idea of ​​safety, prevention first, and comprehensive management. 3. Careful inspection Strengthen the maintenance of tower crane rental equipment, slings, and fixtures, and implement the basic requirements of "prevention first". Therefore, lifting operators should check and maintain frequently to ensure that equipment, slings, Safe operation and use of fixtures.


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