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2022-05-23 09:42

For many workers who are familiar with tower crane rental equipment, they are very experienced in tower crane operation. But even so, for the operator, there will still be some special circumstances. (1) Walk first, then fix and attach. When the range of the tower crane cannot cover the entire length of the building, and the local height of the building exceeds the height limit of the free walking of the tower crane, the construction method of walking first and then fixing and attaching can be adopted. To this end, in addition to laying the track foundation along the building according to the conventional practice, the position of the attachment should be fixed in the later stage of the tower crane construction, and the concrete foundation should be built under the track in advance to enhance the bearing capacity of the original track foundation and prevent uneven subsidence. (2) Construction at a fixed point first, and then walking and anchoring. The tower crane first stands on the slope for foundation construction. After the foundation pit is backfilled, the high-rise construction needs to be close to the building and anchored with the building. To this end, part of the concrete track foundation can be laid first, and then the concrete track foundation can be extended on the compacted foundation to meet the needs of anchoring after the tower crane travels. (3) Attach first, then dismantle after walking. For "L" or "U"-shaped buildings, the use of attached tower cranes can meet the requirements of hoisting construction, but after the structure is completed, it cannot be dismantled in situ due to the structural dimensions of the tower cranes. To this end, it is necessary to lay a track foundation, so that the tower crane can exit the narrow space along the track, so that the tower can be dropped and dismantled with the usual techniques and auxiliary machines. (4) Climb inside first, then attach and fix. For high-rise buildings with complex shapes, the inner climbing tower crane is used to complete the hoisting construction of the lower part first, and then the high-rise or super-high-rise construction is carried out through the anchoring device, and then the market or super-high-rise construction is carried out through the anchoring device. (5) Install the tower crane on the floor. In the construction of the main body of a high-rise building, it is often necessary to install an attached tower crane on the roof of the basement or the roof of the podium to carry out the construction of the tower part. To this end, the floor structure where the tower crane is installed should be checked and reinforced, and supports should be added under the floor (at least two consecutive layers of support) to ensure safety.



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