Guangxi tower crane rental company introduces what components are the tower crane slewing tower body made of?


2022-06-07 09:09

1. Main chord: It is mainly used to connect the tower cap and support the tower cap, boom and balance arm. The length is 1500mm. Each chord is welded by two types of angle steel;

2. Strengthen the web and Reinforced rib: The reinforcing web is welded to the upper part of the main chord, increasing the strength of the upper part of the slewing tower to support the boom and balance arm, and the reinforcing rib is welded to the reinforced web to further enhance the upper part of the slewing tower;

3. Horizontal and inclined web bars: 8 each, using hot-rolled structure seamless steel pipes, symmetrically distributed on each side of the tower body;

4. Climbing ladder: seamless steel pipes;

5. Hinge plate 1 is used for connection Balance arm, hinge plate 2 is used to connect the boom, which requires high strength and toughness, so the material can be treated with Q235 plus high temperature tempering; 6. Flange plate and rib: used to connect the slewing tower body and the upper For the support, please refer to the products of various manufacturers for specific structural dimensions.


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