Guilin construction lift rental sharing tower crane rotation method classification


2022-06-07 09:13

According to the rotation mode of the tower crane, it can be divided into lower rotation (tower body rotation) and upper rotation (tower body does not rotate) tower cranes. The characteristics of the lower slewing tower crane are described as follows: 1. The lower slewing tower crane sets the slewing bearing and the main mechanism of the counterweight at the lower end. The requirements for the slewing bearing are high, and the installation height is limited. Guilin construction lift rental

2 The upper slewing tower crane will slewing support, balance weight, and main mechanisms are set at the upper end. The disadvantage is: when the building exceeds the height of the tower body, due to the influence of the balance arm, the rotation of the tower crane is limited, and the center of gravity is high, the wind pressure increases, the weight increases, and the total weight of the whole machine increases.


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