Liuzhou Tower Crane Rental Introduction Under what standard can the tower crane tilt angle be used normally?


2022-06-07 09:15

According to industry standards, tower cranes whose verticality does not exceed 4‰ can be used safely. If it exceeds 4%, stop using it immediately and reinstall it. Calculate the critical large inclination amount L at a measurable height when the tower crane is in an unfavorable working condition (non-working state) to ensure that the tower crane does not overturn. Pay attention to regularly observe the inclination speed and inclination amount of the tower crane, and make a record. Once the inclination amount reaches 0.5L and continues to incline, decisive measures such as dismantling the tower shall be taken. If the tower crane cannot be stopped immediately, and the deflection is not greater than 0.25L, the following safety measures can be taken: 1. Add weights on the concrete foundation (place more appropriately in the opposite direction of the inclination) , increase the foundation mass, reduce the height of the center of gravity of the tower crane and reduce the e value. 2. At the appropriate height of the tower crane, add a wall attachment device. 3. Set the cable wind rope at the appropriate height of the tower crane to prevent the tower crane from continuing to tilt.


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