Guilin Standard Festival manufacturers introduce what items are in the daily maintenance of tower cranes?


2022-06-07 09:16

1. Strengthen daily inspection and maintenance work. Tower crane operators should carefully conduct daily inspections of tower cranes in accordance with the provisions of the equipment management system. They should conduct comprehensive and detailed inspections. Key parts and important devices should be carefully inspected, and problems should be dealt with in time. 2. Strictly implement the maintenance system and do a good job in the maintenance of tower cranes. It is necessary to adhere to the regular maintenance system and the fixed-item maintenance system, and insist on repairing and maintaining the tower crane according to the maintenance and maintenance procedures, so that the equipment is not delayed and out of repair. Guilin Standard Festival 3. Strictly follow the parameters indicated in the tower crane's instruction manual. 4. Conscientiously implement the government departments such as the state and the industry to eliminate and update such equipment, and all kinds of tower cranes that are explicitly eliminated by governments at all levels must be stopped. 5. Always check whether the safety devices such as the torque limiter of the tower crane are effective.


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