Carry forward the spirit of artisans: 2023 Construction special operation skills competition was held in Lingchuan


2023-09-25 15:45

On September 25, the 2023 Construction Special Operation construction lift Installation vocational skills Competition sponsored by Guangxi Construction Qualification Registration Center and undertaken by Guangxi Urban Construction School and Guilin Changlong Machinery Co., Ltd. was held in Guilin high-speed Railway Park. From the region 10 training institutions, 50 competitors, in a three-day period, the same stage to compete lift installation level. The competition is divided into two parts: the theory test and the operation skill competition. The contestants complete the installation of the construction lift and the installation of the jointed wall within the specified time. Flexible use of theodolite and level, installation in turn, careful debugging and acceptance, each link responsibility to people, busy without confusion.
       It is understood that Guilin Changlong Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional company engaged in the development and manufacturing of construction machinery and equipment. At present, it has developed construction machinery products including ordinary tower cranes and construction lifts, established a complete construction machinery and equipment design, manufacturing, sales and service process system, with more than 100 employees, serving in the construction of Guilin World Tourism City. In order to expand the company's business, in the past two years, a new investment of 20 million yuan, a new automatic machining center composed of a number of large-scale CNC machinery and equipment, will be built into the largest large-scale non-standard metal structural parts processing enterprises in northern Guangxi.
      【 Voice 】 Head of Guilin Changlong Machinery Co., LTD.; To host this competition,
It has built a platform for employees to communicate with each other and show their talents, which not only improves the technical level of employees' elevator installation, but also carries forward the spirit of craftsmen, enhances the safety awareness, creates a good atmosphere for the society to respect skills, respect technology and respect talents, and lays a solid foundation for Guilin's industrial development to cultivate professional and skilled talents.









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